Heater as a functional decoration. Aesthetic function: Above all, I want my heater to adorn the bathroom.


a. matching the heater’s shape to other furniture


  • First of all, think of the interior style of your bathroom and what shapes will dominate
  • Consider also the design of the washbasin, bathtub, shower, etc. and then try to choose a heater model with similar lines



b. appropriate choice of finish and colour


Key elements which often give interior design its unique style include the following:

  • colour and texture of the heater’s surface (compare with the colour and design of tiles);
  • heater finish – painted or chrome-plated (consider the finish of the bathroom taps while choosing the heater)



c. necessary accessories, i.e. decorative bathroom hardware


Accessories make the outfit! Appropriate choices of decorative hardware will highlight the personality of the heater while complementing the whole. So pay attention while chososing:

  • taps and heads;
  • wall flashing;
  • pipe covers



d. quality and aesthetics of finished details


The devil is in the details, so remember that incorrectly finished details can overshadow even the most beautiful heater design.

While making your choice, look at:

  • welded joints between pipes and manifolds;
  • corner finishing
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