Batik was born in exotic, faraway lands.

It has been known since antiquity – this technique had been used in Egypt, India, China and Japan. However the true birthplace of the art of coloring textiles using wax is the Island of Java.

Batik Artist – Marta Mulawa creates paintings and applied art. She makes unique items that are equal parts furniture and pieces of art. Her latest work is a limited run of radiators.

What makes them unique is the fact that the front panel is an original, unique painting made using the Batik technique and embedded in glass.

Another undeniable quality of this radiators is its specially designed LED lighting, which evenly illuminates the entire painting, emphasizing its depth and colors.

This way, the radiator not only gives you warmth on cold days, but also becomes a very atmospheric lamp.


Enix creates uncommon things.

That’s why we got the idea to manufacture a radiator that serves as a frame for a beautiful painting, combining functionality (light and warmth) and art into one.


modern interior design

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TYPWidth [mm]Height [mm]Depth [mm]Connections spacing [mm]Power (75/65/20) [W]Power (55/45/20) [W]Max power heater [W]
RMB 595 944 72-77 50 470 245 300
RMB 595 1448 72-77 50 693 362 600

3D models

Type 3D DWG 3D 3ds 3D OBJ mm mm mm
RMXCh-609 500 944 72–77


Type File
Assembly instructions Libra Batik i Rama Batik

Technical directories

Type File
Rama Batic tech card
Grzejniki dekoracyjne / łazenkowe / ozdobne