Put your heater in the corner!

FLEXI Flexible heater

Flexibility – figuratively and literally – is what the Enix heater called Flexi (FL) provides.
This is a so far unseen product that does not only serve as a decoration but above all gives the user an option of architectural creativity. It can be mounted flat as well as in corner version – fits both interior and exterior corners.
Due to the flexible hoses, the bending angle of the heater is virtually of any choice. So its functionality is unrestricted. The product is particularly dedicated to small spaces where each centimetre of a well-used area does matter.
The Flexi heater can be made in any colour from the Enix or RAL chart.
Therefore, it provides even greater possibilities of creating the interior design and harmonises with interior finish elements such as furniture, ceramic tiles or bathroom fixtures and fittings.


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