Don’t forget the lobby! – hall radiators

The lobby is like a man who opens a door to welcome strangers and friends. The mood in which they will enter our living room or dining room, depends on the lobby. The smile and kindness on the welcoming face can transform even the most heavy emotions into joy and a positive attitude. A tastefully presented hall will play a similar role. It will probably include an elegant wardrobe, shelves, a wall mirror, a painting, a modern sculpture or a wall mirror. All these elements can be combined with a subtle radiator that harmonizes with the color of the walls. How necessary during the autumn blush or cold winter. The device, although extremely practical, should decorate the room. Silver decorative radiator with gently rounded edges and elongated form – Memfis MS or a flat graphite radiator with a geometric finish adhering to the wall surface with a geometric finish, the vertical decorative Santos ST radiator by ENIX is a perfect proposition for everyone who values beauty and comprehensive arrangement solutions. Both will look great next to a vertical mirror or an interesting painting. These elegant steel decorative radiators from the Design collection not only impress with their shape, careful finish and color, but also delicately emphasize the beauty of the hall.

ENIX Grzejnik dekoracyjny Capri C wnetrze - Don't forget the lobby! - hall radiators

Radiator Capri C

People who value functionality above all can choose from the ENIX offer a brown Capri C decorative radiator equipped with four point hangers and an openwork grid, which, apart from the heating function, also acts as a hanger and a dryer. With its color, Capri C refers to nature, trees and shrubs, so it will look great surrounded by wooden elements against the background of a warm-colored wall. Therefore, let’s not forget about the hall, this special room leading to the living room, bathroom or kitchen, through which every guest and every household member must pass. The atmosphere of this place is created by functional and decorative details, among which decorative radiators? modern radiators can occupy one of the most important places!