Lamelo LMX LMX

Decorative radiators

Dekoracyjny grzejnik łazienkowy Lamelo wyróżnia się wyważoną budową i łagodną linią. A specially designed hanger available for this model.

It has a functional, central MM type connection with a spacing of 50 mm.


The model allows the use of an electric heater.
Full electric version on request.

Available accessories: HQ hanger

Max pressure: 8 bar

The radiator is available in the following colors:

Available in all ENIX colors.


TypeWidth [mm]Height [mm]Depth [mm]Connection distance [mm]Thermal output (75/65/20) [W]Thermal output (55/45/20) [W]Electric heater max power [W]


Lamelo LMX 544×773

Lamelo LMX 544×1043

Lamelo LMX 544×1313

Lamelo LMX manual

Lamelo LMX specification

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