Libra Soft LS LS

The subtle, elegant Libra Soft LS radiator is distinguished by a convex square shape with gentle, rounded edges.


10 lat gwarancji

10-year warranty

Kolor w cenie

Color included in the price



TypSzerokość [mm]Wysokość [mm]Głębokość [mm]Rozstaw przyłączy [mm]Moc (75/65/20) [W]Moc (55/45/20) [W]Max moc grzałki [W]
Price list

The radiator is available in the following colors:

*The radiator is available in all ENIX colors.
**Color is included in the price of the radiator.


Libra Soft LS 650×650 mm

Libra Soft LS specification

ENIX universal manual

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