Rama Batik RMB RMB

Rama Batik is a combination of art and functionality.
Like a frame, it surrounds the original painting by the artist Martha Mulawa – made using the batik technique and embedded in the glass as a front panel.

Thanks to the LED illumination that illuminates the work, the radiator also becomes a unique lamp and attracts attention regardless of the season.

This model allows the use of an electric heater.
Full electric version on request.


10 lat gwarancji

10-year warranty

Kolor w cenie

Color included in the price

Ikona dedykowane oświetlenie

Dedicated 20-30 W LED backlight.


TypSzerokość [mm]Wysokość [mm]Głębokość [mm]Rozstaw przyłączy [mm]Moc (75/65/20) [W]Moc (55/45/20) [W]Max moc grzałki [W]
Price list

The heater is available in the following colors:

*The radiator is available in all ENIX colors.
**Color is included in the price of the radiator.

* Due to the complex technological nature of the production of the LIBRA BATIK and RAMA BATIK ENIX cannot guarantee the result in terms of full compliance of the final product image with a stencil in the directory.

** The radiator production date specified in the price list is 30 days, but due to various circumstances that may occur in the production process, it may change.


Rama Batik RMB 595×944 mm

Rama Batik RMB 595×1448 mm

Rama Batik RMB specification

Rama Batik RMB manual

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