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Decorative radiators

The Rama Mirror RMM radiator is a quality in which you can see your reflection. A mirror has been added to the radiator’s elegant steel structure – making it an equally functional and decorative object.


The radiator allows the use of a heater.
Electric version on demand.

Dedykowane akcesoria: wieszak HP

Max pressure: 4 bar

The radiator is available in the following colors:

The radiator is available in all ENIX colors.


TypSzerokość [mm]Wysokość [mm]Głębokość [mm]Rozstaw przyłączy [mm]Moc (75/65/20) [W]Moc (55/45/20) [W]Max moc grzałki [W]
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Rama RMM 595×944

Rama RMM 595×1448

Rama RMM manual

Rama RMM specification

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