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Electric heater with thermostat.
Designed to simplify your life!


– the comfort of dry towels
– warmth in the bathroom also outside the heating season
– intuitive temperature control, referring to the clock hand – you do not need to refer to the manual to change the set temperature
– sealed IP54 casing – safe for splashing
– easy to keep clean – round and lacking space in which dirt can accumulate
– a timeless form that will not go out of style

The most important is invisible for eyes:
Made in Poland, microprocessor controller and very high-quality components, complete and up-to-date research, B and CE mark (files available in the Downloads section)

The heater consists of two separate parts:
1.heating element screwed into the radiator
2. a temperature controller connected to the heating element.

Equipped with a thermostat that maintains the set temperature of the heater in the range of 30°C to 75°C and a special button that activates the full power function for 2 hours. In addition, a protection against a fall of radiator temperature below 7°C (Frost protection function).


TypMoc [W]Klasa ochronnościKlasa szczelności obudowyZasilanieKolor
GV-300300IIP54230V; 50Hzbiały, chrom, silver metalic
GV-600600IIP54230V; 50Hzbiały, chrom, silver metalic
GV-900900IIP54230V; 50Hzbiały, chrom, silver metalic
Price list

The heater is available in the following colors:

Available in white, silver metallic, chrome


GV heater manual

GV heater specification

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