“The Queen of oasis dips her feet in the water, and her head in the fire of heaven”.
These words, which the Arabs use to describe a palm tree, go perfectly with our newest design.
Fancy shape of a crown, which conveys the elegance and simplicity, certainly adds attractiveness to the palm radiator.
Beautifully lit up tips of the crown give this product very sophisticated and unusual look.
It is available in any color from the palette of primary colors ENIX except Silver, Bronz Metallic and Chrome Effect.


modern interior design

Kapcsolódó kiegészítők


TYPWidth [mm]Height [mm]Depth [mm]Connections spacing [mm]Power (75/65/20) [W]Power (75/65/20) [W]Max power heater [W]
PL 668 1886 350 50 494 263 -

3D modellek

Typ 3D DWG 3D 3ds 3D OBJ mm mm mm
Palma 668 1886 350

Szerelési útmutatók

Typ Plik
Bambus Palma

Műszaki adatok

Typ Plik
Bambus BS Palma PL tech card
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